Welcome to "R" Junk Works Homepage

"R" Junk Works is located in Palmdale/Lancaster California. 
We are just a couple of nerds building crazy things from used and discarded technology.

Team Photo

"Out-of-this-world Technology"

Notice from Travis Wood – Former Team Leader of “R” Junk Works. September 29, 2006

We still would like to have others on our team. No experience necessary, and it does not even have to be a full-time thing. Just a positive attitude and the ability to have fun with used and discarded technology (junk) and hacking it to work our way.  The more the merrier!  We are now making it possible to be part of the team with a remote telepresents from the comfort of your own internet computer.  We have just recently hooked up one of our robots: Junk "R" so that you can control him remotly and attend our meetings.

We have also been inspired by these guys.  They are rock stars in our world!